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Be Brave Women's Retreat

‘Be Brave’ invites us to pause and listen for the voice within, calling attention to the unrealized aspects of our lives. A series of small and large group practices re-balances the key arenas where we show up--family, professional, community, personal and spiritual. We will identify obstacles and create an action plan to move your life forward.

'Be Brave' was developed and is delivered with my powerhouse coaching colleagues Kirsten Smith, Lisa Orlick-Salka and Cindi Schoettler. Grounded in the coaching methodology of Frederick Hudson, processes are complimented by yoga, meditation and a tai-chi practice you will love.

'Be Brave' unfolds at Islandwood, on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Nestled amongst ancient cedars and Douglas fir trees, Islandwood is the quintessential Northwest campus providing a quiet space for deep, personal work. Accommodations are very comfy dormitories, and all meals are family style, wholesome, organic and delicious.

Come build community with like-minded women and rediscover your brilliance.