strategic planning and visioning

       strategic planning and visioning

Like most worthwhile endeavors, sustaining and amplifying your organization's unique culture takes a deliberate practice. Research tells us that paying attention to your workplace culture is the single most important thing you can do to boost the productivity of your teamattract and retain top talent and ensure the ultimate success of your organization.

My colleague Greg Ranstrom and I deliver a process called ‘Culture in Action’. We teach 'Seven Vital Skills' that deepen the best of your company culture, clarifying and catalyzing your values through fast growth and change. 'Culture in Action' surfaces ‘real conversations’: Teams and individuals actually talk about the tough issues impeding advancement, while working challenges in-the-moment. The outcome: Specific actions and strategies for accelerating change, and a deepened connection amongst the entire organization.

What can Culture in Action do for you?

Surface fresh ideas.   

Sustain and build upon your best cultural attributes.    

Develop one voice, your common ground.

To get an idea of what Culture in Action can do for your team, listen to the words of Dave Naftalin, Director of Operations at Humm Kombucha.

NXT Consulting: Community Vision and Strategic Planning

Community Visioning should produce more than a thick document of impossible ideas that sits on a dusty back shelf. A robust, multi-faceted community planning initiative can actually build and strengthen community, creating opportunities for citizen engagement that brings this work to life, and sustains it well beyond its initial timeline. It starts and ends with values--the cornerstones of every thriving team, organization or community.

NXT Consulting offers international expertise in community visioning and strategic planning processes. Steven Ames and Don Rushmer, Principals lead a team of consultants and talent with an impressive track record of results. 

NXT (say "next") specializes in visioning and strategic processes, including environmental scanning, future trends analysis, strategic plan development, organizational positioning and related services.

NXT focuses on non-profit, community and educational systems. With a background in university administration and an expertise in planning and civic engagement, NXT brings a deep understanding to the shifting landscape of these arenas.

I am proud to be a part of NXT's consultant team, identifying common ground amongst broad stakeholder groups and building community in the process. This is work I love and believe in!

If your team, town or city is interested in articulating a future vision with an ambitious yet realistic roadmap to get there, building community along the way, consider the NXT Consulting Group.

Learn more about our projects and clients, and contact us today to discuss what NXT can offer you: NXT Consulting Group.