As a leadership and life coach, and as a community vision builder, I work for the 'real conversation'.


Real Conversation

With mutual trust and disciplined inquiry we build upon what's working well and create an inspiring, sustainable vision for the future--your work and your life!

25 years Experience

I have worked closely with local government and consulted with a broad spectrum of community groups and non-profits. I have served in elected leadership with the Bend Park and Recreation District, and contributed on numerous committees for the City of Bend, the Deschutes National Forest , Deschutes County and multiple special interests in Central Oregon. I work hard to align opportunities, bridge opposition and sponsor fresh thinking.

Building community

Community matters to me. Appointed to the board of directors of the Bend 2030 Vision—a values-rooted action plan for the City of Bend, I have engaged business and community leadership with citizen voices, identifying common ground at the crossroads of public, private and civic interests. This work is especially satisfying for its contribution to the cultural landscape in Central Oregon.

In 2019, I am currently co-chair of the Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee, developing scenarios and funding proposals for the City of Bend’s Transportation System Plan--planning for the future and leveraging some of the most challenging issues facing our fast-growing community and region.

A graduate of the Hudson Institute of Coaching, my educational background includes a PCC coaching credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I am certified to deliver the Dare to Lead™, Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ curricula of Dr. Brene´ Brown. I am a teacher-in training of the Mindfulness and Self Compassion curricula of Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Chris Germer. And I still cherish my BA in English Literature from the University of Washington. 

My coaching approach has been influenced by Brené Brown, Frederick Hudson, David Whyte, Benjamin Zander, Richard Leider, Daniel Goleman, Daniel Siegel, Jerry Colonna and Doug Silsbee, among so many teachers and thought leaders.


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My most important work is with my family.

I have two grown children and a husband of 35 (!!) years. Living in Bend, Oregon, our lives are enriched by nature and the seasons. I am constantly ‘squeezing in’ a bike ride, a backcountry ski adventure, a climb or hike in the mountains and high desert. I feel deep gratitude for nature--a constant connection to the larger context of my life.