Community Development

NXT Consulting: Community vision and strategic planning

It starts and ends with values--the cornerstones of thriving teams, organizations, even communities.

NXT Consulting offers international expertise in community visioning and strategic planning processes. Principals Steven Ames and Don Rushmer lead a team of consultants and talent with an impressive track record of results. 

NXT (say "next") specializes in visioning and strategic processes, including environmental scanning, future trends analysis, strategic plan development, organizational positioning and related services. NXT focuses on non-profit, community and educational systems. With a background in university administration and an expertise in planning and civic engagement, NXT brings a deep understanding to the shifting landscape of these arenas.

I am proud to be a part of NXT's consultant team, identifying common ground amongst broad stakeholder groups and building community in the process. This is work I love and believe in! If your team, town or city is interested in articulating a vision with an ambitious yet realistic roadmap to the future, consider the NXT Consulting Group.

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