"Often times I found myself going back to our conversations and my notes, able to reassure myself that not wavering from what I wanted was the most important thing I could do for myself. With your help, I was able to achieve exactly what I wanted because I had so much confidence in my plan. I am so excited and happy. I finally feel like I am in the right place, doing what I love and back in the PNW where I am close to my family and everyone else I love. A year ago, this felt impossible to me. Thank you so, so much for helping me get here. Your help and guidance was what I needed to feel good about making these choices for myself and I am so grateful to have you in my life." B.W., Portland
"Ruth has a gentle and intelligent disposition that is comforting and insightful." V.D.
"I deeply appreciate all that you have coached me through over the last four months. My personal and professional growth as a result of our relationship has been priceless and I feel honored to work with someone of your caliber." S.R.
"I found Ruth to be a great facilitator. I appreciated her willingness to meet every participant with compassion, and without judgement, as well as her willingness to be vulnerable herself. I feel this was part of the magic that created such a safe environment." Rising Strong™ Participant
"It was the best workshop I have attended in years." Rising Strong™ Participant
"Patient, kind, empathetic, knowledgeable."
"When I started working with Ruth, my coaching goals were honestly to figure out what the heck my goals should be. I was that lost. By the time we were done, I was overflowing with ideas and plans and enthusiasm and purpose and let me at 'em world."  A.R., Bend
"Ruth Williamson saved me, that is not an overstatement.  I can’t begin to say enough about how wonderful she is.  Kind, compassionate, smart, tenacious, tough…I could go on and on.  Working with Ruth was the best decision I’ve made in a long time."  S.G., Bend
"I have found over many years of "retreating," that the real value of a retreat is not in the moments immediately after, but in the months (and even years) after.  I am pleased to share that the work we did and the actions I committed to have taken root."  C.M., Seattle
"I knew I needed help with my business. The surprise: I learned a lot about myself. Ruth guided me with trusting, compassionate hands. The self-knowledge that unfolded helped me to move forward in my business and in my life."  J.E., Bend
"Vulnerability is not a bad word. You helped show me that vulnerability can lead to my own self discovery." Nicole